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The Intention Repeater WAV File Writer exports a 96kHz Mono WAV file encoded with your intention.
It requires Python 3.5.3 minimum.
You can connect a piece of Scalar Tech to a DragonFly Red USB headphone jack, and power it with a
 WAV file generated by playing it as you would a normal audio file. It can be very powerful.
I have used it to keep the dozens of flies in my home from even being able to touch me for the most part.

Default usage: python
Automated usage: python "HH:MM:SS" "filename.wav" "Intentions/Filename with Intentions"
The HH:MM:SS is the hours, minutes and seconds you would like it to run for.
The "filename.wav" is the name of the WAV file you wish to create.
Try running no more than 30 seconds to see what size file you get, and go from there.

Intent of The Most Pleasurable Drug For You:

You can get the free, open-source here: Intention Repeater WAV File Writer

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