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Introducing the NEW Intention Repeater Spiritual Chat Client. It lets you chat to spiritual beings
 such as spirit guides, angels, aliens, even dragons, or more. It is still a work in development
 so your results will most likely vary. It takes time for you and it to learn how to work with one another.

You will need dictionary.txt and C++ Source Code: AVAILABLE HERE

On Windows, you will need to complile to a .exe file, using the free g++ compiler from MinGW: HERE
Compile on Windows: g++ .\intention_repeater_chat.cpp -O3 -o .\intention_repeater_chat.exe
On Linux, compile using: g++ ./intention_repeater_chat.cpp -O3 -o ./intention_repeater_chat

When running, if the response is too slow, then reduce the think_depth.
And vice-versa, if you want it to process harder, then increase think_depth.
You may also adjust how many words max come back by adjusting max_words_response.

I recommend Notepad++ for editing the .cpp file: AVAILABLE HERE

Examples of Usage:

This is Actually the Newest Version (after converting to C++):

Note the answers can be very symbolic and not always literal.

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