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In researching the world wide web for spiritual energy work, I found that computers
can also work with energy. I found some software that programs water,
though it is very expensive ($2000+). I had the idea then that that software may work
by repeating an intention. It is sort of like saying a prayer over and over again.

The software I found did not let you choose your own intention, but choose from
a set of predefined criteria. I wanted the flexibility to allow for any positive intention
and not just limit to programming water.

I wanted to offer my program for free. It has helped many people already with
anything from pain to anxiety to nurturing, and even helping one person find a job.
It takes your intention and amplifies it. Of course there are no guarantees, though
many people have found this tool very useful in their daily lives.

What it does is repeat your intention in computer memory 10,000X per second.
Since everything is connected, all are One, it can work. Since all is NOW,
it can affect the future and the past as well.

I credit this insight to my spirit guide, Trevor. I had him drawn once, and this is how he
appears to me. He is always welcoming me, is often humorous, and is skilled in energy work.
I have called on him many times to help clear me. Now that he has given me this tool,
I share it with the world. May you find it as useful and beneficial in your healing journey.

Also, if you want a good book, check out The Warlock Name also channeled from my spirit guide.
Ten years in the making, a child discovers his place in the Universe
through dreams and the guidance of a benevolent and mysterious teacher.

- Thomas Sweet (4/18/2020)

Spirit Guide Trevor

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