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9/28/20 Added Social Media Icons to the website.
9/28/20 Created Twitter and Instagram pages for the Intention Repeater.
9/25/20 Created Facebook page for the Intention Repeater.
9/08/20 Forum is now available here: FORUMS
9/07/20 Created v5.1 of the Repeater. Now allows for working with the Akashic Records.
9/06/20 Created v5 of the Repeater. Now allows for automation. Check out the Usage page from the homepage for more information.
8/19/20 Was on Radioality, Australia radio show.
7/16/20 Was on Life in the Hologram radio show.
4/23/20 Infused pure, high vibration, extremely relaxing and peaceful, deep sleep energy into all Google Home Help Me Relax sounds.
4/23/20 Blessed/Charged with pure and high-vibration, healing and blissful energy.
4/22/20 Infused pure and high-vibration and deep relaxing energy onto Google's Country Night Sounds on Google Home.

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